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Internet of Assets


Discover the not-so-distant future of finance with Dusk Network and delve into the rapidly growing field of blockchain technology with top-notch guests from the industry providing valuable insights and knowledge. A journey to showcase how blockchain technology is revolutionising the way we manage and control our assets.

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The "Internet of Assets" podcast was launched with the goal of educating listeners on the latest trends and developments in blockchain technology. The ultimate goal is to provide the listeners with the knowledge and understanding they need to navigate the complex world of blockchain and decentralized finance, and make informed decisions about their assets.

The podcast is recorded in person, on industry exhibitions and online to provide a lot of value and insights regardless of the physical location. This allows us to capture a variety of perspectives and experiences from experts in the field and provide the listeners with the most comprehensive understanding of the latest trends and developments in blockchain industry. Our approach ensures that our listeners have access to valuable insights and knowledge no matter where they are located

The podcast is distributed on all major platforms and promoted with audio snippets and quotes to increase listenership. It is also used as a conversation starter on Twitter, shared with influencers, experts, and communities in the blockchain space. The goal is to reach a wider audience and generate interest in the podcast.

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