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In this podcast, we take you into the wonderful world of healthcare, in which Lisa talks to inspiring people from the healthcare industry. From freelancing experts to island-hopping IC nurses. These professionals share their stories, knowledge and inspiration in this podcast.

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We created a podcast project to showcase the world of healthcare secondment and the unique experiences and perspectives of professionals in this field. We hope to raise awareness of the benefits of healthcare secondment and inspire others to consider it as a career path. The podcast will be a valuable tool for both personal and professional development in healthcare.

This podcast project is recorded in the TMI office, which allows for a personal connection to be formed between the freelancers and the company. This not only adds to the authenticity of the podcast, but also provides an opportunity for both parties to connect on a personal level after the recording. The podcast is a win-win situation for both the freelancers and the company, as it provides an opportunity for the freelancers to share their unique experiences and perspectives, while also allowing the company to promote professional development in the healthcare industry.

This podcast project is distributed to all major platforms, and actively promoted through the use of audio snippets and quotes. The aim is to attract a wider audience and increase listenership. These snippets and quotes highlight the most interesting and engaging aspects of the podcast, in order to entice potential listeners to tune in. The distribution and promotion strategy for this podcast is designed to ensure that it reaches as many people as possible in the healthcare industry, and beyond

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