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Cyber Security Talks

Cyber Security

The interview podcast for cyber security professionals and for those who aspire to become one. We interview industry experts about the latest trends, real-life war stories and everything you need to know about this exciting industry.

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Concept development

We believe that knowledge is power, and what better way to empower the cyber community than to connect them to industry experts in a thought-provoking interview podcast. Our innovative concept brings together industry leaders and emerging talents in an interview-style podcast, where listeners can gain valuable insights, inspiration and connect with potential employers or mentors. Tune in to stay ahead of the curve and stay connected in the ever-evolving cyber security landscape

Record anywhere

For this project we recorded in-house at the client's office for authentic conversations right 'at home'. State-of-the-art equipment ensures highest sound quality while on-location recording makes it convenient for all parties. A personalized and authentic listening experience for the audience.

Pushing boundries

We've completely transformed the way our client created and shared content. With his podcast, we give them a powerful stage to tell their story and connect with their ideal audience, but it doesn't stop there - we also enhance the experience with complementary audio and video snippets and memorable quotes ensuring a constant stream of conversation. The impact is undeniable - a wonderful storytelling format, a big boost in their online presence and LinkedIn followers soaring to over 70,000.

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